Scaphoid Fracture

Scaphoid Fracture

Scaphoid bone is the largest carpal bone. It is located on the wrist's radial side (thumb side). If scaphoid bone is fractured, the healing is often slow, because scaphoid bone has poor blood circulation.

Scaphoid fracture occurs often due to the following factors: various accidents, basketball, football, cycling, skateboarding. Scaphoid fracture can also cause cartilage injury - if left untreated, it may lead to long-term pain, stiffness or arthritis.

The common symptoms may include: wrist discomfort, wrist pain, wrist swelling, thumb moving difficulty, wrist bruising. Cold therapy can often reduce the swelling. An arm splint can be used to support the wrist. In some cases, surgery is needed to fix the injured wrist bones.

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